Water Gauge Set 20 1/2 x 1/2 bsp Screwed

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WATER GAUGE 20 1/2 x 1/2 bsp screwed

Material : LG2 Gunmetal.
For steam working pressures up to 250lbs/in2  (17.2bar) and temperatures up to 500F (260 C).
These gauges are fitted with sleeves which can be adjusted by means of packing nuts as water
necessitates and provide easy and efficient maintenance. An automatic shut-off ball valve in the
water arm to prevent the escape of water is fitted as standard. Steam and water arms can be handed right or left to suit

Set = Top, Bottom and Drain Cock. All water gauges can be handed left or right.

Polished A = 68 B = 26 C = 59 

Glass 1/2” 

Sleeves AB12 

Cones No 74

3.8Kg per set

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