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Fusible Plug Fig 5 DN15 1/2" BSPT

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Fusible Plug Fig 5 DN15 1/2" BSPT

APPLICATION:- Fig 5 and Fig 8 Dereve fusible plugs are used to provide protection to internally fired steam boilers. If overheating occurs due to low water conditions, the plugs are designed to operate and thereby allow pressure to reduce, provide a visual and audible warning and help to preventing collapse of the boiler. They must not be used as the only or main safety device in any pressure system.

CONSTRUCTION:- Both plugs are of gunmetal construction with a central portion held in position by a suitable low melting point alloy. In the Fig 5 Fusible Plug the centre plug is moulded directly into the body, whereas on the Fig 8 it is contained in a separate, replaceable cone assembly (Fig 9). In both cases, when the alloy fuses, the plug is ejected by steam pressure.

INSTALLATION:- The Fig 5 plug is intended for loco boilers, where fitting is from the fire side. The Fig 8 is used on boilers where fitting can be achieved from the water side. Plugs should be checked in service every twelve months, and cleaned or replaced as necessary every two years.

Fusible plugs are to BS1123: 2006 and must not be used as the primary safety devices on any pressure equipment

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Excl. VAT: £104.03 Incl. VAT: £124.84

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Fusible Plug Fig 5 DN15 1/2" BSPT

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SKU 29A300


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