Gestra NRG16-36 1000mm

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GESTRA NR16-36 1000mm Steam Boiler Water Level probe Description The level electrode NRG 16-36 is used in conjunction with level switch NRS 1-50 as water level limiter for steam boilers and (pressurized) hot-water installations and in conjunction with level switches NRS 1-52 / NRS 1-54 or NRS 1-2 / NRS 1-5 as water level controller. Water level limiters switch off the heating when the water level falls below the set minimum level (low water). Function The NRG 16-36 is a combination level electrode consisting of 1 electrode tip for low level alarm (LW) and 3 electrode tips for water level control with high level alarm (MAX). The electrode operation is based on the conductive measuring principle using the electrical conductivity of the water for signalling water level. The high integrity self-monitoring function in the level limiter ensures that an alarm will also be triggered if the electrode insulation is contaminated or has developed a leak and/or if there is a malfunction in the electrical connection. The length of the individual electrode rods determines the switchpoints for the respective water levels. The level electrode is installed inside steam boilers, vessels or in an external level pot. If the electrode is installed inside the boiler or vessel, a protection tube provided on side ensures correct functioning. If the level electrode is installed in an isolatable level pot outside the boiler, make sure that the connecting lines are rinsed regularly. In addition, the logic unit SRL is required to monitor the purging times and the purging sequence. If the connecting lines for steam ≥ 40 mm and water ≥ 100 mm, the installation is considered to be internal. In this case the rinsing processes do not have to be monitored. Please allow 2-3day delivery

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