RiseAtlas625 hoist

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Unlimited lifting solutions - for users weighing up to 285 kg/625 lbs

RiseAtlas625 is a safe and easy-to-use stationary ceiling lift unit available in two models and one special version with and without built-in transfer motor and other features and functionalities. The choice depends on what settings and situations the ceiling lift unit will be used in and, of course, the needs of the users.

Manual transfer and QuickTrolleySystem

RiseAtlas625M is manually transferred along the rail (M for manual) and features Handicare's new and unique SystemRoMedicâ„¢ QuickTrolleySystem. This model is fitted with a quick release trolley which readily allows for dismantling of the ceiling lift unit from the rail. When used with a specially designed trolley, QuickTrolley625-90, which is available as an accessory, the ceiling lift unit and the lift strap can also be preset to an angle of 90 degrees towards the rail for smooth and convenient transfers of users from one room to another.

Powered transfer in the rail

RiseAtlas625T has a built-in transfer motor (T for transfer motor) and thereby powered transfer in the rail.


RiseAtlas625T is also available in a special version featuring a SmartPark-function which, on command, makes the ceiling lift unit return to the designated parking place in the rail system. This function ensures that the ceiling lift unit can always be found in the same place when not in use.

Hand control charging

RiseAtlas625M, with QuickTrolleySystem and RiseAtlas625T feature easy and convenient hand control charging as standard. The charging station is integrated in a small and discreet holder and parking place for the hand control. The holder is easily installed on the wall, in convenient proximity of the ceiling lift unit's parking place.

In-rail and end point charging

The SmartPark special version of RiseAtlas625T features a unique charging solution, with one trolley for two charging options as standard. The ceiling lift unit can be set to function either with end point charging or with in-rail charging. If necessary, the settings can easily be altered.

As an optional extra, RiseAtlas ceiling lift units with hand control charging can also be equipped with this unique charging solution.

For all rail systems and settings, in all situations and for all user needs

RiseAtlas625 can be used in all settings and in all types of rooms, both on permanent rail systems and on portable, freestanding lift stands. When used with the appropriate lifting accessories, RiseAtlas625 provides secure, comfortable and individually adapted lifting of users in connection with seated or horizontal transfers to and from the bed, wheelchair or toilet.

RiseAtlas625 offers a large lifting area and the possibility of both very low and very high lifting, making it an excellent solution also for lifting from the floor and for gait training and standing training. RiseAtlas625 can also be used for convenient transfer of users from one room to another.

Compact and light-weight

RiseAtlas625 features unusually small measurements, extremely low weight and a number of unique and very practical features as standard. The handy size offers many practical advantages. And combined with the modern and elegant design of the ceiling lift unit, it also contributes to the creation of professional and highly functional environments with a harmonic and human atmosphere.

In fact, RiseAtlas625 is a modern and stylish ceiling lift unit offering unlimited lifting solutions with more performance, more flexibility, more simplicity and convenience, and more reliability compared to other ceiling lift units available on the market.

All models and special versions of RiseAtlas625 comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products (MDD93/42/EEC).

  • Compact and extremely light-weight
  • Modern, elegant and hygienic design
  • Very easy to use, providing safe working conditions and allowing the caregiver to remain close to the user throughout the entire lifting procedure
  • Moves silently and gently, soft start and stop
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control
  • On/Off-button on the hand control prevents unauthorized use of lift functions
  • Night light
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Electrical and manual emergency lowering
  • Overload protection
  • Over speed protection
  • Slack strap switch
  • Efficient strap control preventing accidental twisting of the lift strap
  • High capacity, environmentally friendly NiMH battery
  • Easy and convenient hand control charging as standard (except for the SmartPark special version)
  • The SmartPark special version features a unique charging solution, with one trolley for two charging options
  • In-rail/end point charging is also available as an accessory for models with hand control charging as standard
  • Discreet information panel
  • Easy to service
  • Diagnostics, a special software available as an accessory allows a PC to access further information about the ceiling lift unit

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