Chanter Vega505EE Patient Hoist 230Kg

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The diving diva

Vega505EE is a mobile patient lift adapted for safe and easy lifting of users weighing up to 230 kg/505 lbs. Vega505EE has a new, unique design with a lift arm that can be both raised to an almost upright position and lowered all the way down to the floor. It is also relatively narrow and compact, with dimensions adapted for use in situations and premises where space is limited.

In spite of the handy size, Vega505EE offers an unusually high lifting height and the total lifting range is also extremely large.

New version - with extra equipment as standard

Vega505EE offers a unique combination of functionality, performance and quality in relation to price. The new version of Vega505EE is supplied complete and ready to use, equipped with a hand control and with the following extra equipment included as standard:

  • SlingBar M is a two-point aluminium sling bar with secure safety latches which prevent the sling straps from creeping out of the sling bar. The sling bar is of standard width (450 mm/17.7") and suitable for most users and lifting situations.
  • SwiftHook is an accessory for SlingBar. With SwiftHook, changing sling bars or connecting a scale becomes very easy.
  • Built-in charging.
  • Maintenance free castors, 100 mm, with bumpers. The SystemRoMedicâ„¢ encapsulated twin castors provide for a smoother ride for the user while making the lift very easy to roll, even on softer surfaces. Furthermore, the castors do not gather dust and dirt from the floor, making them maintenance free.

Unique design with many advantages

  • Stable and secure, still comparatively light-weight
  • For users of up to 230 kg/505 lbs
  • Convenient size, fits in and reaches practically anywhere
  • Unusually high lifting height and extremely large lifting range
  • Excellent for both very low and very high lifting and gait training
  • Unique design with intuitive handles integrated in the mast
  • New design providing more space and improved comfort for user and carer
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use for the carer, prevents work-related injuries
  • Electrical base widening
  • Emergency stop on the control box
  • Manual and electrical emergency lowering
  • Batteries with high capacity provide a reliable power supply
  • Built-in charging

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