Replacement Battery For Bison 80 (Also fits Acorn 80 and Brooks 80 / 180)

SKU: 36M053
Excl. VAT: £190.35
Incl. VAT: £228.42

There are two battery packs per kit. 1 kit is required per stairlift. This battery pack also fits Acorn 80 and Brooks 80 / 180.

This is a NiCd battery pack consisting of 2 x 12V 5000mAh packs.

Note that this NiCd battery pack is only suitable for the older stairlift models made up to about 2012. After this date. manufacturers began fitting Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries.
Please check to see which type of battery is fitted to your stairlift before ordering.  If your stairlift is fitted with a Li-Ion battery, then this NiCd pack is not suitable. 


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