Arjo Encore Standaids

Enhancing mobility through exercise
With a detachable foot plate and the support of the arc rest and sling, Sara Plus is designed to support balance, stepping and gait training.

Upper body support
The arc rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing additional upper body support during the raising action.

One caregiver
Designed for operation by a single caregiver, sara plus can be a cost-effective solution for standing transfers, stepping and gait training.

Sling solutions
The sling is designed specifically for Sara Plus. It provides a secure attachment to the lifter that holds and supports the patient or resident close to the arc rest. Various sling types are available: standing, transfer/walking, and wipeable.

Product Information
Max safe working load kg 190 kg
Max safe working load lb 420 lb
Lift Weight (incl battery) kg 78,7 kg
Lift Weight (incl battery) lb 173,5 lb
Min total storage height mm 1195 mm
Min total storage height in 47 in
Min lifting height mm 906 mm
Min lifting height in 35 5/8 in
Max lifting height mm 1497 mm
Max lifting height in 58 7/8 in
External width legs closed mm 646 mm
External width legs closed in 25 3/8 in
External width legs open mm 1107 mm
External width legs open in 44 in
Internal width leg closed mm 534 mm
Internal width leg closed in 21 in
Internal width leg open mm 1002 mm
Internal width leg open in 39 3/8 in
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) mm 116 mm
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) in 4 1/5 in
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) mm 30 mm
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) in 1 1/5 in
Lift total length mm 1033 mm
Lift total length in 40 5/8 in
Turning radius mm 1235 mm
Turning radius in 48 5/8 in

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