Entermed Futurent Ergo

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The FUTURENT®ergo incorporates

  • Dual level worktop
  • An illuminated instrument plateau with stainless steel inserts located beneath upper worktop
  • Two storage drawers with adjustable partitions
  • Two large drawers with or without openings for waste disposal and depositing used instruments
  • lntegrated functions by choice
  • The FUTURENT®ergo can be equipped with a wide selection of integrated functions to accommodate specific requirements.
  • Suction system(automatically activated)
  • Rinsing facility for hose and secretion receptacle
  • Automatic secretion discharge with automatic cleaning
  • Small basin with irrigation for clearing blocked suction tubes
  • Compressed air c/w 3 atomizers (automatically  activated)
  • LED fibre optic light source for rigid and flexible endoscopes(automatically activated)
  • LED fibre optic light source with switchable hook for examination headlight
  • Cordless examination headlight with battery charger integrated in the treatment unit (automatically activated)
  • Warm water irrigator (3 temperature model) and caloric testing (automatically activated)
  • Heated or non-heated rigid telescope holders
  • Flexible scope holder
  • Low voltage power source
  • Examination microscope
  • Full HDvideo endoscopy imaging system with state-of-the-art software
  • 24” Full HD monitor
  • LED stroboscope (doubles as light source for endoscopes)
  • 100Wcoagulator (mono and bipolar modes)
  • Radio frequency ESU for tissue reduction procedures
  • Rhinomanometer
  • Tympanometer with EFT function

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