Morpheus static mattress

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Pressure Reducing Mattress

The Morpheus™ pressure reducing mattress powered by Mammoth Technology has been designed not only to offer optimum pressure reducing qualities but has also been clinically proven to enhance sleep efficiency.

The world lead centre of excellence for sleep research at the University of Northumbria, England, tested the Morpheus™ mattress technology under the instruction of Dr Jason Ellis, one of the world’s most respected doctors of sleep science.

Key Features

The Morpheus™ pressure reducing mattress features the Mammoth® V-Max® castellated cells which combine a specific foam density with a nominal hardness that optimises pressure reduction over high risk areas. The subsequent improved circulation through the soft tissues not only reduces the risk and management of pressure ulcers but has demonstrated to improve the quality of sleep.

Tested and developed under controlled scientific conditions, 3 key sleep factors were demonstrated to improve:

1. Sleep Efficiency: Participants improved sleep efficiency by a full clinical banding, moving up from ‘poor sleep’, to ‘good sleep’ thanks to a 7%  improvement.

2. Sleep Onset Latency: Participants fell asleep quicker showing a 28% improvement.

3. Sleep Comfort & Enjoyment: Improved by 21%. Improved sleep efficiency means better healing times, shorter hospitals stays, and a reduction in wound management costs.

  • The high specification foam contributes to an effective pressure ulcer prevention care plan
  • Internal air channels in the foam’s surface help to reduce the build up of heat and moisture on the skin
  • Smooth multi-stretch cover allows the patient to glide over the surface of the mattress
  • The waterproof, vapour permeable cover can be easily wiped clean
  • High frequency welded seams reduce the risk of fluid ingress
  • Full length welded flap cover can be removed and laundered at 95ºC

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